Thursday, June 5, 2014


Here comes the sun... Or I wish it would

     I don't know about the weather where you live, but here it's been pretty much the same everyday since November. Not a single snowflake in winter, very shy spring and instead of the beginning of summer we got rain two months straight. 

     The thing is, I'm naturally very pale, don't sleep much, and people started giving me really relevant advices, such as "Have you tried going out?" or "Tanning a bit would be good for your health you know?"

     So I decided to try self-tanning products. I know, I'm weak, I should love my zombie complexion and my behaviour is dictated by consuming society, #reallybad #loveyourself #gozombies

     I started looking for a product that would not damage my very sensitive skin and would not make me go from white to harsh orange. Lucky me I discovered Clarins' "Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster", a self-tanning product formulated to be mixed with a moisturizing cream. It took me a while to actually buy it because it's rather expensive for a very small quantity, but I got tired of the remarks, and the good reviews I read online encouraged me.

  And I'm not disappointed! As I mix it with my own cream I did not get any problems with my sensitive skin. Also it does not smell anything and the quantity needed for one use is so small the bottle will last forever. I myself apply 2 drops with my cream, the packaging says I could do 3 but 2 already give me a nice and natural color. You'll need 2 or 3 applications to see a real glow I think, but it's worth it. It was my first self-tanning product and I didn't get any weird color mark on my face, ears or neck, I really appreciate it. I would definitely recommend this to someone with a very pale skin, who doesn't want to be exposed to the sun and would like to try self-tanning products.

Stay tuned to know if Summer will one day come in my country, and don't forget to wear a SPF if you can already enjoy it where you live! 

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