Monday, June 2, 2014

Hello Internet

     Here we are. My first post on my first blog. Actually I used to have blog when I was about 12 years old but as you can guess, there is nothing much to remember about it.

Good evening Beautiful

     Just like millions of other blogs, this one will be dedicated to beauty and fashion, although you may sometimes come accross a slice of life that has nothing to do with nail polish or hairspray.

     However, I'll try to make it stand out a little bit. In fact I'm not a makeup artist, not even a professional in whatever field you may imagine. I'm just a 19 years old student living  in Paris, who loves fashion et beauty products. Also I don't have a crazy budget for my beauty hauls and I won't buy a new lipstick in 20 different shades in one trip to Sephora. Don't misunderstand me, I love to watch youtube haul videos, I just can't afford it every other day and for $40 I'd rather buy a high end product than 8 drugstore blushes. The same goes for clothes and for shoes (I really like shoes though, I might end up buying a pair although I already own the same kind of high heels, but it's a slightly lighter shade of black so it's ok.)

     I'll do my best to show you the products I've tried and loved and make you discover a piece of "real life beauty", because life doesn't need to be printed on glossy paper to be beautiful.

See you soon

PS : I'd love to here from you and any advices, comments and suggestions will be welcome...

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