Saturday, June 7, 2014

Summer shoes!

     Went a little bit crazy today and bought these. Plain leather and 12cm (4,5 inches) heels. I really like them though, and I can wear them with a lot of different clothes because of the neutral color. What do you think? 

Thursday, June 5, 2014


Here comes the sun... Or I wish it would

     I don't know about the weather where you live, but here it's been pretty much the same everyday since November. Not a single snowflake in winter, very shy spring and instead of the beginning of summer we got rain two months straight. 

     The thing is, I'm naturally very pale, don't sleep much, and people started giving me really relevant advices, such as "Have you tried going out?" or "Tanning a bit would be good for your health you know?"

     So I decided to try self-tanning products. I know, I'm weak, I should love my zombie complexion and my behaviour is dictated by consuming society, #reallybad #loveyourself #gozombies

     I started looking for a product that would not damage my very sensitive skin and would not make me go from white to harsh orange. Lucky me I discovered Clarins' "Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster", a self-tanning product formulated to be mixed with a moisturizing cream. It took me a while to actually buy it because it's rather expensive for a very small quantity, but I got tired of the remarks, and the good reviews I read online encouraged me.

  And I'm not disappointed! As I mix it with my own cream I did not get any problems with my sensitive skin. Also it does not smell anything and the quantity needed for one use is so small the bottle will last forever. I myself apply 2 drops with my cream, the packaging says I could do 3 but 2 already give me a nice and natural color. You'll need 2 or 3 applications to see a real glow I think, but it's worth it. It was my first self-tanning product and I didn't get any weird color mark on my face, ears or neck, I really appreciate it. I would definitely recommend this to someone with a very pale skin, who doesn't want to be exposed to the sun and would like to try self-tanning products.

Stay tuned to know if Summer will one day come in my country, and don't forget to wear a SPF if you can already enjoy it where you live! 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Beach body

Is June diet month?

     I'm so original. Talking about diet just before summer. The thing is, so far this year have been quite busy with my studies, and now we are just one month before summer holiday and I still have those few pounds that I wish never existed. 

     However I feel like every year is the same. I lack motivation and end up eating a whole pack of white bread and nutella. 

     I read a post that claimed that to achieve a bikini body you just have to put on a bikini and you're done. What about the confidence needed not to hide behind a beach towel? Is it wrong to want to do some efforts, like eating clean and training, to avoid this situation, instead of just accepting that you're a little bit chubby? I don't know actually. But I wish I'd one day be able to lose those few pounds, just to see that I can do it. 

     Maybe this year will be the year. See you on the beach!

Chocolate Bar - Too faced - Review

     I feel like this eyeshadow palette is the best product to start off this new blog. It's the perfect link between two of my passions, chocolate and make up. I've been wanting to buy it for a while, almost since it came out, but it's a little bit expensive and I wasn't really sure I'd like it since I already own the Naked 2. However on my last birthday I had 25% off at Sephora and my lovely two best friends gave me a 30€ gift card, so I ended up paying 3€ (Not even $4) for this palette. Best. Sephora trip. Ever.

     No need to say that the packaging is really nice, the tin box is one of the reasons that made me buy this palette and not an other. Yet I really miss a brush like in the Naked2, especially as the shadows are scented, it would have been handy to have a dedicated brush for these.
     The scent, let's talk about it. At first I was a little bit disappointed, the smell is not really strong and you'll need an ounce of imagination to smell chocolate. But now with a couple of weeks and the benefit of hindsight if really like it the way it is, they did a good job on the whole.
     The pigmentations are quite good, yet very disparate. I tried to swatch several colors to demonstrate, the two matte shadows on the left are actually very intense on the lid, and the two on the right have tiny glitters and quite less pigmented. (Salted caramel - Triple fudge - Cherry cordial - Black forrest truffle). All the colors blend very easily though and the palette offers a lot a possible looks.
     As a conclusion I'd say that I don't regret buying it, I've been using it every other day for the past two weeks and I really enjoyed using it. As well, it would make a sweet and original present for someone you love...

Good Night

Nail polish : L'Oréal color riche 607 "Rue Montmartre"

Monday, June 2, 2014

Hello Internet

     Here we are. My first post on my first blog. Actually I used to have blog when I was about 12 years old but as you can guess, there is nothing much to remember about it.

Good evening Beautiful

     Just like millions of other blogs, this one will be dedicated to beauty and fashion, although you may sometimes come accross a slice of life that has nothing to do with nail polish or hairspray.

     However, I'll try to make it stand out a little bit. In fact I'm not a makeup artist, not even a professional in whatever field you may imagine. I'm just a 19 years old student living  in Paris, who loves fashion et beauty products. Also I don't have a crazy budget for my beauty hauls and I won't buy a new lipstick in 20 different shades in one trip to Sephora. Don't misunderstand me, I love to watch youtube haul videos, I just can't afford it every other day and for $40 I'd rather buy a high end product than 8 drugstore blushes. The same goes for clothes and for shoes (I really like shoes though, I might end up buying a pair although I already own the same kind of high heels, but it's a slightly lighter shade of black so it's ok.)

     I'll do my best to show you the products I've tried and loved and make you discover a piece of "real life beauty", because life doesn't need to be printed on glossy paper to be beautiful.

See you soon

PS : I'd love to here from you and any advices, comments and suggestions will be welcome...